Music Lovers: July 2015

This month in hip hop a lot has happened, possibly more than in any other month in recent memory. Just this week, Drake was exposed, and Nicki started and ended a beef with MTV.

Last month, Meek Mill’s second album Dreams Worth More Than Money was released. One of the most exciting songs on the project was called R.I.C.O, because it featured Drake. As usual, Drake had a great verse on a song. But just a few days ago, Meek Mill posted a tweet that changed everything. He claimed that Drake did not write his verse on that song, nor does he write his own songs in general. This shocked the hip hop world. Since then Funkmaster Flex has played the original version of 10 Bands, which turns out to be recorded by rapper and alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller. This is shocking evidence that Drake in fact employs other people to write his hit songs for him. Drake has still not officially spoke about this incident on social media or in person, and it’s beginning to look a bit awkward for him.

The day before that incident happened, Nicki Minaj lashed out against MTV for not nominating her for Best Video of the Year for her song Anaconda and for her feature on Beyonce’s Feeling Myself. Both songs were huge in pop culture. Minaj’s reasoning is that if Miley Cyrus got nominations for her songs that involve promiscuous behavior, she too should be rewarded for the twerking going on in the music video for her hit song Anaconda. She also seemed to send a shot at Taylor Swift for being nominated for the award for her song. Taylor was angered and said that she had nothing but support for Nicki, and told her not to make it about a females versus males perspective.

What do you think? Are these two events petty, or are you interested in them? Do you side with Taylor or Nicki? Meek or Drake? Lots of other things happened in hip hop recently, and we will be talking about them in a future post, coming soon. Speaking of Future, he will be a topic of an upcoming post as well.